Latin American Film at SF International Film Festival April 24-May 8

The 57th San Francisco International Film Festival takes place from April 24 to May 8. We’re excited to co-present a couple of fantastic selections – Bad Hair / Pelo Malo and All About the Feathers/ Por Las Plumas.

All About the Feathers at SF International Film Festival
April 25, 6:30 at BAM/PFA; April 27, 8:45 and April 29, 6:15 at Sundance Kabuki Cinema

all_about_the_feathersThe San Francisco International Film Festival returns April 24-May 8 and Cine+Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival co-presents All About the Feathers. Neto Villalobos’s debut feature details the unconventional relationship between an impoverished security guard and the newly acquired fighting cock that he struggles to care for. Anchored by the stellar performances of a mostly non professional cast, this quixotic Costa Rican comedy is both slyly absurdist and quietly observational. Tickets available at

Bad Hair at SF International Film Festival
May 1, 9:15 at Sundance Kabuki Cinema; May 4, 6:15 at New People Cinema; and May 7, 6:30 at BAM/PFA

Bad_HairThe San Francisco International Film Festival returns April 24-May 8 and Cine+Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival co-presents Bad Hair. A 10-year-old boy’s desire to straighten his kinky hair causes outsized conflict with his unemployed, harassed single mother in Mariana Rondon’s Caracas-set drama. Unexpected issues related to Venezuela’s volatile economic situation and the young boy’s incipient homosexuality form the core of this finely acted, deceptively small-scaled story. Tickets available at

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Flamenco doc Guitarra de Palo at Brava Theater April 6

In honor of Paco de Lucia, Bay Area Flamenco is celebrating his life and talent with a memorable program of flamenco performances with reknown artists and a documentary film premiere on Sunday April 6 6PM at the Brava Theater in San Francisco. Visit for full program details and tickets.  Read more about the film, Guitarra de Palo, below.

Guitarra de Palo, by director Andrea Zapata Girau is an anthropological-musical documentary voyage without dialogue or narration: the music speaks for itself. Shot in Spain, Cuba, the United States, Nicaragua, Germany, Russia and the Cayman Islands, the flamenco guitar acts as the main character as the film showcases some of the most renowned names of flamenco and its contemporary fusions. The documentary is highlighted by its stunning cinematography and its sound design, the work of Goya Award winner (Spain’s Academy Awards) Pelayo Guiterrez and Nacho Royo-Villanova.

GUITARRA DE PALO trailer 2013 from guitarradepalo.



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Latin American Selections at 12th Human Rights Film Festival at University of San Francisco

The 12th Human Rights Film Festival at the University of San Francisco runs from April 3-5th. Admission is free and open to the public. Screenings take place on campus at Presentation Theater (2350 Turk Boulevard x Masonic).

As always, the festival includes thought provoking feature length documentaries and documentary shorts from around the world including Latin America. Here are four titles that we encourage you to see. For full program information and clips visit the USF website.

Thursday April 3rd 5:30PM
OPEN SKY Argentina, Filmmaker: Ines Compan, Year: 2009, 52 min
In rural northwest Argentina, the indigenous Kolla’s land and quality of life is threatened after the government permits a Canadian company, Standard Silver to open an ambitious open-sky silver mine in Mina Pirquitas. 

Friday April 4th  7:15 PM
Mexico, Filmmaker: Shula Erberg, Year: 2013, 70 min
The documentary is a portrait of Rosario Ibarra de Piedra, a woman whose son disappeared at the hands of the security forces in 1975 in the city of Monterrey and whose life was transformed forever.

Saturday April 5th 12:45 PM
LA CIGUEÑA METALICA (Metal Stork)  Spain, Filmmaker: Joan Lopez Lloret, Year: 2012, 81 min
MetalStork, theTwenty years have passed since the signing of the Peace Agreements of the Salvadoran Civil War, a conflict between the army and the FMLN guerrillas. Armed forces’ operations in rural areas had devastating consequences for the civilian population, with thousands of dead and disappeared people. In the midst of the war, “la cigueña metálica” (the mechanic stork) determined the destiny of Ana Lilian, Ricardo y Blanca: Ricardo’s adoption by a military family, Ana Lilian’s wandering after surviving the massacre of her entire family, Blanca’s arrival to Spain. In the 1980s, they were disappeared children. Today, they try to understand their past to bring peace to their future.

Saturday April 5th 4:15 PM
WHO IS DAYANI CRISTAL? UK, Filmmaker: Marc Silver, Year: 2012, 85 min
Deep in the sun-blistered Sonora desert beneath a cicada tree, Arizona border police discover a decomposing male body. Lifting a tattered T-shirt, they expose a tattoo that reads “Dayani Cristal”. Who is this person? What brought him here? How did he die? And who—or what—is Dayani Cristal? Following a team of dedicated staff from the Pima County Morgue in Arizona, director Marc Silver seeks to answer these questions and give this anonymous man an identity.


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Homebound Making Its Way City by City

homebound_3Homebound, a CMSF 5 official selection, is slowly but surely making its way around the country with screenings in Texas and Southern California. The film is written, directed, and produced by Fanny Veliz. She is also playing one of the central characters in the story. The film stars Enrique Castillo ( Weeds, Mars Attacks, Santa Barbara) and Jeremiah Ocanas ( Choosing Sides).

This is an American story that takes place in small-town Texas where issues of family, love, and values intersect. Richard is a successful young executive in Los Angeles but he’s pulled back home when his father falls ill. Though reluctant to be there, even a bitter-sweet past is trumped by family loyalties and an appreciation for a simpler life.

If you had a chance to see the film, write a review and help this talented filmmaker get her film wider distribution on VOD and iTunes.  Visit the Homebound film website to see where you can catch the film on the big screen.


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Cesar Chavez Bio-Pic Opens March 28

The highly anticipated bio-pic about civil rights and labor leader Cesar Chavez will be in theaters on March 28. Diego Luna directs his first English language film assembling a star-studded cast that includes Michael Peña (Crash, World Trade Center, Walkout), America Ferrera (Real Women Have Curves, Ugly Betty), Rosario Dawson (Kids, Clerks, Sin City), and John Malkovich ( Red, Places in the Heart, The Killing Fields).

UC Berkeley’s Center for Latin American Studies is hosting an early screening and chat with director Diego Luna on Wednesday March 5th at 7PM. Tickets are limited. Visit their page for details:

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7 Boxes – 7 Cajas- Screening at the Roxie Feb 28-March 5

7 Boxes (7 Cajas) was an official selection of the last edition of the CMSF Latino Film Festival back in September.  We’re excited to see that it’s returning to San Francisco for a limited one-week run at the Roxie Theater starting Friday February 28.

Join us on March 5th for a drink & film viewing. Meet up at Dalva Bar next door at 5:30PM. Film starts at 7PM.  The discount code for film tickets is “CineMas” – online if you buy ahead of time or at the door on the day of this screening. Small theater. We’d advise buying ahead. Buy tickets.

Check out the trailer and read more about the film below.

Directed by Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schembori. With Celso Franco, Víctor Sosa & Lali Gonzalez. 2014. Paraguay. In Spanish & Guarani with English subtitles. 100 mins
“The Fast and the Furious’ with wheelbarrows, Paraguayan action-thriller-romance hybrid ’7 Boxes’ is a rollicking good time at the movies that offers breathtaking action and suspense, humor and appealing characters all in one visually flashy package.” – Indiewire

It’s Friday night in Asunción, Paraguay and the temperature is sweltering. Víctor, a 17-year-old wheelbarrow delivery boy, dreams of becoming famous and covets a fancy cellular phone in the infamous Mercado 4. He’s offered a chance to deliver seven boxes with unknown contents in exchange for a quick US$100. But what sounds like an easy job soon gets complicated. Something in the boxes is highly coveted and Víctor and his pursuers quickly find themselves caught up in a crime they know nothing about.

Victor, un joven de 17 años, recibe una propuesta rara de llevar 7 cajas a un sitio en el Mercado 4- y le pagaran $100 dolares. ¿Que llevan las cajas? El no saber lo mete en situaciones complicadas.

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Special screening of “Magic, Magic”, Director Sebastian Silva Q&A, February 20 7PM Clay Theater

Cine+Mas SF is co-presenting this special screening of “Magic, Magic,”, a psychological thriller directed by  Sebastián Silva  (The Maid, Old Cats). This is a part of the San Francisco Film Society’s Artist in Residence Program. Sebastián Silva will be on hand for a Q&A.

February 20, Thursday, 7PM  Buy Tickets Here
Clay Theater -2261 Fillmore (Between Clay & Sacramento in San Francisco

Magic, Magic
Directed/Written by Sebastián Silva
Chile, 2013 97 min., English language film
Cast: Michael Cera, Juno Temple, Emily Browning, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Agustín Silva


Alicia arrives in South America to vacation with her cousin, Sarah. When Sarah is suddenly called away, Alicia is stuck on a remote island off Chile with three of Sarah’s friends, including Brink, an American exchange student with a sadistic streak. Bewildered, frightened, and unable to sleep, Alicia’s reality becomes a nightmare from which there is no waking. Ancient indigenous rites, disturbing animal behavior, and captivating hypnotic trances come together in an intense exploration into the darkest corners… when the games go too far, reality unravels with astonishing and deadly consequences.

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Screening of documentary “Lemon” – February 26 7PM

Cine+Mas SF is starting a monthly screening series this month starting in San Francisco but adding dates and other Bay Area locations shortly.  Subscribe to our newsletter to get announcements of upcoming screenings and special subscriber-only events.  Enter your name and email in the form on the upper-right hand side of this page.

The first film programmed in the series:

Thursday February 26 7PM
Artists’ Television Access
992 valencia street, San Francisco, California 94110

LEMON the Movie – Official Trailer from Dandelion Films.

Directed/Produced by Laura Brownson and Beth Levison
USA 2012 83 minutes

First time screening in San Francisco.

Three-time felon. One-time Tony award winner

In this intricately crafted documentary, LEMON follows one man’s harrowing journey to bring his life story to the stage while battling the demons from his past. Featuring a surprise turn by Spike Lee and music by Hip-hop phenoms Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Aloe Blacc.. Lemon Andersen is a pioneering poet whose words speak for a generation. But Lemon has landed back in the ‘hood, living in the projects with thirteen family members and desperate for a way out. So he turns to the only thing he has left, his pen and his past.

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Filmmaker Diversity Program at HBO

HBOAccess is a new four-week program created by HBO to provide project development, master classes and mentoring opportunities to emerging, diverse filmmakers, and it’s accepting applications starting today.

The intent of the program to “identify diverse talent, provide development and mentorship, and afford participants opportunity to create short-form content for HBO,” per the premium network’s announcement. Filmmakers equipped with knowledge of cameras and scripts (and the ability to be in Los Angeles for the production period in June — housing and travel are not included) are allowed to submit one narrative directing sample (either a full-length feature, short or webisode).

Four filmmakers will be chosen from the submissions, and each will be paired with a mentor (an HBO development executive), provided with creative master classes and given a budget to create short-form content for HBO. At the end of the four-week process, each project will be considered for production as a 10-15 minute film or webisode series to air on various HBO platforms including, but not limited to, HBO Go, HBO, HBO’s YouTube channel, film festivals, charity screenings and other outlets.

“We are thrilled to present this opportunity to filmmakers who might not otherwise find their way through our doors,” said Michael Lombardo, president of HBO Programming. “I believe this undertaking will serve as a valuable experience not only for those who are chosen to participate, but for us at HBO as well.”


The timeline for submissions is as follows:

Feb. 3, 2014 – Application process opens at

March 3, 2014 – Application process closes (or on the date upon which submissions reach the cap of 500 applicants, whichever comes first).

March 2014 – 20 candidates will be chosen to advance to second-round interviews (conducted in person or via Skype). Candidates will be expected to discuss their project in detail. Additionally, candidates must own and assign to HBO all rights necessary to develop and produce their idea.

May 8, 2014 – Four finalists are notified.

June 3, 2014 to June 26, 2014 – HBOAccess™ program is held in Los Angeles.


HBO’s definition of “diverse” includes those who identify as Asian Pacific American, Sub-Continent Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and women.

Source: Indiewire

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HBO Premieres New Series Set in San Francisco- Looking

LogoedLookingLooking is a new mini-series on HBO that starts on January 19. Shot in San Francisco and centered on three gay friends each at different points of their lives. It’s sexy, honest, and funny. Also, it includes a couple of Latino cast members- Frankie J. Alvarez & Raul Castillo. Check out an on-the-set clip

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