Short Films

Hecho en Califas Shorts Program: Screens Sept 18- 3pm at Artists’ Television Acces & Oct 7 7pm at DeYoung Museum
Latin American Panorama Shorts Program: Screens Sept 20 7pm Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.

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All films shown in original language with subtitles in English.

Directors/Writers –  Nicolas Carrasco, Rafael De Orbegoso
Peru/ 14 min/ Fiction/Fantasy


Asuncion is a young maid working for a couple of monstrous aristocrats, taking care of their sick baby while doing house chores. When her Masters don’t watch, Asuncion falls asleep from exhaustion and dreams of a forest where she’s free and innocent. That day in the house there is much work to do because in the evening they’ll have a great banquet.
Asunción es una joven empleada del hogar que trabaja para un pareja de monstruosos aristócratas. Ella se hace cargo de su bebé enfermo a la vez que realiza los quehaceres de la casa.

Criada The Maid
Director/Writer –  Fabián Rodríguez
Venezuela/ 13 min/ Fiction

Keep all shiny is the duty of the maid. For lunch she has prepared “pabellón criollo”. The pot is uncovered and anger intoxicates Mario, while the pieces of a puzzling matter are pending to be picked up.
Tender las camas, pasar la escoba, fregar el piso, hacer la comida y tener todo en completo orden en la casa de los padres de Mario, es la ocupación de Ilse, la criada. Para el almuerzo ha preparado Pabellón Criollo. Un comensal deja la mesa sin tener idea del problema que su presencia ha causado. El agua puede calmar el hambre, pero no mitiga la ira. La olla se destapa, la furia embriaga a Mario, los juicios y comportamientos coléricos surgen, mientras un asunto enigmático queda pendiente por recoger.

Director/Writer –  Gerardo Maravilla
USA/ 10 min/ Fiction/Drama/Thriller/Action
For tickets on Sept 18 3:00 PM at Artists’ Television Access

CROSS – Official Trailer from Gerardo ‘Gerry’ Maravilla on Vimeo.

As a sick mother nods off to sleep, her teenage son anxiously sits with his new role as the family’s breadwinner. Rather than spend his night with a girl or at a house party, he sneaks out to handle the thick stack of medical bills. On the outskirts of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, he meets with Salvador, his coworker from a nearby packing and shipping plant. Salvador leads him into the dark arena of backyard boxing where he’s set to face off against a fighter almost twice his size. The odds stacked against him, he must discover if he’s got what it takes in the ring and what it takes to be a man.

Diablo Devil
Director/Writer –  Paula Sozzi Saslow
USA/ 21 min/ Fiction/Drama/Thriller/Action
For tickets on Sept 18 3:00 PM at Artists’ Television Access

Diablo Trailer from Filipe Leitao on Vimeo.

Somewhere in Northern California, a construction worker finds a large sum of money while excavating a job site but when he learns that it is “blood money” from a drug lord, he decides to take justice into his own hands with unexpected consequences.

Dogs & Tacos
Director –  Steve Bachrach / Writer – Steve Bachrach, with story contributions from Carmela Perez, Blanca Perez, Abraham Osuna, Ceindy Mata
USA/ 17 min/ Fiction/Drama
For tickets on Sept 18 1:00 PM at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

High school junior Alma Pantaleon arrives at her after-school work shift at a local South-Central Los Angeles taquería. Instead of tacos-and-burritos-as-usual, things get complicated when she finds herself stuck baby-sitting a former boyfriend’s 13 year-old kid brother, who’s no longer the ‘sweet little boy’ she remembers.

Do Us Part
Dir. Richard Valencia
USA/2015/6 min /
After Parker and Ellie find out that her cancer has relapsed the two must face their futures, with or without each other.

For tickets on Sept 18 3:00 PM at Artists’ Television Access



El Columpio The Swing
Director/ Writer – George Rojas
Venezuela/ 2016/ 9 min/ Fantasy/Animation/Family/Religious/Spirituality

An animated tale where life, time, nature and freedom are intertwined. Hold on because this will be the trip of a lifetime!
Un cuento animado donde se entrelazan de manera inexorable la vida, el tiempo, la naturaleza y la libertad. ¡Sujétate bien porque éste será el viaje de tu vida!

El Doctor The Doctor
Director – Heather de Michelle / Writer – Jude Roth
USA/ 11 min/ Drama
For tickets on Sept 18 3:00 PM at Artists’ Television Access

In an Arizona Home Depot parking lot, a married couple – Andrew and Jen – hire undocumented day laborer Carlos and his buddy to repair their deck. As Carlos washes up in the family’s bathroom, 7-yr-old Jonah interrupts him. A tragedy of errors puts Carlos’s and Andrew’s lives at risk, leaving everyone caught between their individual consciences and the law.

Emigrar Sin Ganso Winter Migration
Director – Peter Asley Solís Martínez / Writer – Paula Quintanar Calles
Mexico/ 11 min/ Fiction/Coming of Age

Emigrar Sin Ganso Trailer from Peter Asley Solis on Vimeo.

Elisa and Ganso are two teenagers and best friends living in middle class apartment buildings. This is the last afternoon they spent together before she goes to live with her mother, and she wants to do something special as a way to say goodbye to him and buy some time to take the courage to finally confess to him she’s leaving.

Keep the Cumbia Going Que Siga la Cumbia
Director – Candy Guinea
USA/ 2016/ 9 min/ Documentary/Queer


Queer Qumbia, an Oakland based party, explores the importance of queer and trans people of color creating inclusive spaces in a quickly gentrifying region like the Bay Area.

Director – Brenda Avila-Hanna
USA/ 11 min/ Documentary
For tickets on Sept 18 3:00 PM at Artists’ Television Access

Libertad trailer from La Osa (Claire Weissbluth) on Vimeo.

Libertad is the story of Alejandra Santiago, an indigenous transwoman from Oaxaca whose life journey transcends multiple borders.

Mexican Cuisine
Director/Writer – Fran Guijarro
USA/ 4 min/ Documentary

A film about the taste of Mexican immigration in California.

Mexican Cuisine is a short film about the taste of immigration in the United States. Images show a reality very present in American society , but somehow ‘invisible’ way to the eyes of many : the fact that in the kitchens of many restaurants , whether nationality they are, the cooks are Mexican immigrants.

Mexican Cuisine es un cortometraje sobre el sabor de la inmigración en Estados Unidos. Sus imágenes muestran una realidad bien presente en la sociedad americana, pero de alguna manera ‘invisible’ para los ojos de muchos: el hecho de que en las cocinas de muchos restaurantes, sean éstos de la nacionalidad que sean, los cocineros son inmigrantes mexicanos.

Director/Writer – Vadim Lasca
Venezuela/ 17 min/ Drama

Normal (Short Film) – Trailer from Vadim Lasca on Vimeo.

Fabricio, a Chavista young man, is stuck at home during the rioting occurred in Venezuela on 2014. Alejandra, his former opposition girlfriend, who is participating in the street rioting, is pursued by the National Guard, and arrives, without knowing, to the Fabricio’s house, who helps her to hide. Due to the volatile situation in the streets, Alejandra should stay with Fabricio until it is safe to get out. During this time together should deal with their political differences, which in the past led to their separation.
Fabricio, un joven chavista, se encuentra atrapado en su casa durante los disturbios que ocurrieron en Venezuela el 2014. Alejandra, su ex novia opositora, quien participa en las protestas, es perseguida por la Guardia Nacional y llega, sin saber, hasta la casa de Fabricio, quien la ayuda a esconderse. Debido a la volátil situación en la calle Alejandra debe quedarse con Fabricio hasta que sea seguro salir de ahí. Durante ese tiempo juntos deberán lidiar con sus diferencias políticas, que en el pasado ocasionaron su separación.

Summer of the Gods
Director/Writer – Eliciana Nascimento
Brazil/ 2014/ Drama/Spiritual

A young girl unites with her Afro-Brazilian religious ancestry on a summer visit with family to their ancestral village in rural Northeast Brazil. Soon after her arrival, she encounters Orishas (African gods) who join with her grandmother to help her find peace with a gift that has previously vexed her.

Director/Writer – Andrés Gallegos
USA/ 2016/ 5 min Drama


Driven to reconstitute his past, an aging man searches for his most precious memory

Through The Wall
Director/Writer – Tim Nackashi
USA/Mexico/ 6 min/ Documentary/Family
For tickets on Sept 18 3:00 PM at Artists’ Television Access

THROUGH THE WALL from Tim Nackashi on Vimeo.

Abril is living undocumented in the United States with her 2 year-old boy Julián. Julián’s father was stopped by police for a minor traffic incident and was deported back to Mexico. In order to see each other, Uriel, Abril and Julián must cross difficult terrain to reach the border fence where they spend time together through the wall.
Abril y su hijo Julián de dos años viven como indocumentados en Estados Unidos. Cuando la policía para a Uriel por una pequeña infracción de tráfico, y ven que no tiene licencia de manejar, le deportan a México, donde vive ahora. Para reunirse con Uriel, Abril y Julián tienen que caminar por un terreno empantanado hasta llegar a la verja fronteriza donde se ven a través del muro.

Tierra Caliente
Director/Writer – Alvaro D. Ruiz
Colombia/ 21 min/ Drama

TIERRA CALIENTE – Trailer from Purace Pictures on Vimeo.

In Colombia, where there are no seasons, it is common for people from cold cities to travel to warmer parts of the country, theTierra Caliente (Hot Lands), in search of a summer sojourn. Culturally, Tierra Caliente has become a place where anything can happen… where anyone can let go and be free. As the mercury rises, a secret turns a trip to Tierra Caliente into a weekend that Verónica, Lucia and their boyfriends will never forget.
En Colombia, donde no hay estaciones, es común que la gente de ciudades frías viaje a lugares más calientes, la Tierra Caliente, en busca de un verano inmediato. Culturalmente, la Tierra Caliente se ha convertido en un lugar donde todo es permitido… donde todo puede pasar. A medida que la temperatura sube, un secreto hace que el viaje a Tierra Caliente de Lucía, Verónica y sus novios, termine siendo un fin de semana que ninguno olvidará.