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Beautiful Sin   Buy Tickets HERE for Beautiful Sin  Sept. 20th 3pm at the Opera Plaza
Director Gabriela Quirós
USA/Costa Rica / 2013 / 55 min Spanish with English subtitles
West Coast Premiere

What if you desperately wanted a baby, but your country and religion prohibited you from trying the one medical treatment that could help you conceive? BEAUTIFUL SIN tells the surprising decade-long story of three couples struggling with infertility in Costa Rica who fight their government in an international human rights court for the right to use in vitro fertilization (IVF). Costa Rica is the only country in the world that has outlawed the treatment, in which doctors create embryos in the lab.

Bill #945 / Proyecto #945 – Buy tickets HERE for Bill #945- Sept. 21st at 9pm at the Opera Plaza
Director Arturo Perez Torres
Mexico/Uruguay / 2013 / 71 min / Spanish & English with English subtitles
US Premiere
Bill #945_Doc

Drug Legalization. In theory it sounds plausible. But who would dare try? Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica surprised the world in 2012 by announcing that Uruguay would become the first country in the world to legalize all aspects of marijuana production, distribution and consumption. This feature documentary examines the impact that Bill No. 945 had on society while de-constructing myths and beliefs people hold on tight to regarding drugs. Will Bill No. 945 become law?




Disruption/ Punto A Quiebre - Buy tickets HERE for Disruption / Punto A Quiebre- Sep 23 at 7:00 PM at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
Director: Pamela Yates
Brazil/Colombia/Peru /2014 / 83 min / Spanish, Portugese with English subtitles
West Coast Premiere

A band of Latin American activist economists sets out to change their continent, teaming up with impoverished women to challenge accepted notions on how to eradicate poverty. The women become empowered economic and political engines of their communities.

If taken to scale, could 20 million women upend a continent?

Finding Gaston/Buscando a Gaston – Buy Tickets HERE for Finding Gaston/ Buscando a Gaston- Sept. 27th at 7:30 pm at the Producers Loft.
Director Patricia Perez
Peru/USA / 75 min / Spanish with English subtitles
West Coast Premiere


A magical journey into the heart and soul of the Peruvian food revolution following the dreams of chef Gaston Acurio in its mission to bring his culture to the world.

Free to Love / Libres para Amar – Buy tickets HERE for Free to Love/ Libres para Amar – Sept. 20th at 7pm at the Galeria de la Raza.
Director Jorge Oliver
USA/Puerto Rico / 2013 / 84 min / Spanish with English subtitles
West Coast Premiere

In 2008, a group of Puerto Rican LGBT activists come together to organize a grass roots initiative against CR99, a constitutional marriage amendment measure backed by the religious right to prevent gay marriage from taking place in Puerto Rico. ‘Free to Love’ chronicles the events that led to the demise of such a measure from the activists’ perspective.

The Hand That Feeds – Buy tickets HERE for The Hand that Feeds- Sept. 21st at 7pm at the Opera Plaza. Shown with: Alma & Esperanza, Day of the Dead

Directors Rachel Lears and Robin Blotnick
USA/New York / 88 min 2014 / English and Spanish with English Subtitles
West Coast Premiere

The Hand That Feeds trailer.

Shy sandwich-maker Mahoma Lopez and his undocumented immigrant coworkers set out to end abusive conditions at a New York restaurant chain owned by powerful investors. The epic power struggle that ensues turns a single city block into a battlefield in America’s new wage wars.

Icaros –  Buy tickets  HERE for Icaros – Sept. 21st at 1pm at the Opera Plaza. 
Director Georgina Barreiro
Argentina-Peru / 71 min / Spanish with English subtitles
USA Premiere

Icaros explores the spiritual universe of the Shipibo indigenous people who live by the Ucayali river, one of the main tributaries of the Peruvian Amazon. Young Mokan Rono sets outs on a journey to discover the ancestral knowledge of ayahuasca, mentored by a wise shaman and by his mother, a master healer.

Mexican Dream / Sueño Mexicano – Buy tickets HERE for Mexican Dream – Sept. 21st at 3pm at the Galeria de la Raza. Shown with: Alma & Esperanza, Day of the Dead
Directors: Rogelio Alex Ruiz Euler, Jon Wetterau
Mexico/USA / 2014 / 54 minutes / Spanish with English subtitles
West Coast Premiere

This documentary is about indigenous Mixtec immigrants from a remote pueblo in Oaxaca, Mexico who go to Austin Minnesota to work for in slaughterhouses and meatpacking factories for Hormel Foods, the makers of Spam products. The people from this one community make up most of the immigrant community of 5,000 in the cold mid-western town of 25,000 where they coexist uncomfortably with the mostly white residents. The film follows three families’ members across both sides of the border, examining how migration breeds social alienation here and community dissolution back home. The film explores the myth of undocumented immigrants not paying their taxes, and ultimately shows how migration is a broader game between consumers, big business and politicians.

Roque Dalton Let’s Shoot the Night!/ Roque Dalton ¡Fusilemos la noche! – Buy tickets HERE for Roque Dalton Let’s Shoot the Night! Sept  26 at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts at 7pm.
Director Tina Leisch
Austria/Cuba/El Salvador /2014 / 87 min Spanish with English subtitles
USA Premiere

Roque Dalton (1935-75) is the most important poet of El Salvador. His life is an adventure story, his poetry an exciting shower of sparks in the realm between political utopia and sensuality, between revolutionary beliefs and lust for heresy. Sentenced to death by the Salvadorian dictatorships for subversive activities, he managed to escape execution twice. He was the illegitimate son of a Salvadorian nurse and a North American millionaire, a descendant of the legendary Dalton brothers of the American west. he lived in Mexico
 and Prague and wrote most of his works exiled in Cuba. He helped establish one of his country’s first guerrilla organizations and was murdered by a militarist faction of his own organization under circumstances which still remain unclear.

Co-presented by The Revolutionary Poetry Brigade with introduction by Alejandro Murguia, San Francisco Poet Laureate.

Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen- Buy tickets HERE for Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen – Sept. 27th at 5 pm at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.
Director Aristides Falcon Paradi
USA/New York / 2013 / 101 min / Spanish and English with English subtitles
World Premiere

Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen | Teaser from colorbox on Vimeo.

Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen is a song of praise to the musical genre of rumba in New York City. It reveals the vibrant Afro-Cuban culture of the city. In addition, the film unravels the African and Andalusian origins of rumba and follows ordinary people and famous musicians through the dances, drums, and clave rhythm of the genre. The film is a poem of color and music, bringing to the surface the symbolic religious cosmogonies of Bantu, Abakua, Yoruba and Arara traditions that have nourished it. By paying homage to the grand masters of the genre, such as Chano Pozo and his collaborations with Dizzy Gillespie, Rumba Blen Blen Blen is a historical journey that traces the history of rumba in New York through the words and music of scholars, producers, artists and renowned musicians who continue to practice it today. Featuring Pedrito Martinez, Candido Camero, Orlando “Puntilla” Rios, Pupy Insua, Roman Diaz, Jerry Gonzalez, Vicente Sanchez


Ulises’ Odyssey – Buy tickets Here for Ulises’ Odyssey- Sept. 25th at 7pm at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.
Directors Lorena Manriquez and Miguel Picker
Chile/USA / 2014 / 67 min / English and Spanish with English Subtitles
World Premiere

Chilean filmmaker Lorena Manríquez embarks on a journey to search for the truth behind a 30-year rift between her father and her uncle Ulises. The two brothers were on opposite sides in the 1973 military coup, that brought General Pinochet to power in Chile and Ulises to exile in Switzerland. Through the revelation of family secrets, Manríquez exposes the recent history of Chile, her country’s painful memory, and the desire to reconcile it.

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